201 Black
212 Baby Bass
200 White
204 Melon Red Pearl
211 Catalpa
218 Bull Frog
It's designed to work perfectly with Stanley's 5/0 Double Take
Hook. Two hooks are better than one for catching and
landing big fish. The two hooks of the Double Take slide right
inside the legs and lie facing up against the body of the TOP
TOAD for completely weedless action. The Top Toads'
hollow body easily collapses during the strike, exposing the
barbs for a quick hook set, yet still durable enough for taking
repeated hits and abuse.
The Stanley Jigs Top Toad has all the popular features of
their top-selling Ribbit, with the added advantages of a hollow
body construction. The TOP TOAD fishes like two lures in

The TOP TOAD is extremely versatile with the same
Patented designed legs and feet of the RIBBIT, giving the
lure the realistic kicking action of a “running” frog when
worked across the water's surface. But, the hollow body also
allows the angler to pause the action for provoking strikes on
the motionless lure. The air pocket within the hollow body
keeps it afloat, allowing the fishermen to work the lure as a
traditional top water lure.
201 Black