Hale Lure/Stanley Jigs Tournament

The Hale Lure/Stanley Jigs Tournament 100% Plus Payback Tournament is April 20th, 2019 at Jackson Hill Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn. Tournament hours are 6:30am – 3:00pm. You must be in the weigh-in line by 3:30pm. This is a five fish team tournament. The entry fee is $100.00 which includes the Big Bass Pot. We will pay back 100% of all entry fees collected plus additional prizes. There will also be a lot of samples handed out to contestants. Registration will be at Jackson Hill Marina April 19th from 12pm – 6:30pm and Saturday from 5:00am – 6:30am. All teams must launch and leave from Jackson Hill Marina. Please call us if you have any questions at (936) 876-5713.

Hale Lures/Stanley Jigs Tournament Rules:

1) All bass must be caught on a Hale Lure or Stanley Jigs artificial bait. Non-Hale Lures or non-Stanley Jigs bait trailers are allowed as such for jigs and spinnerbaits. No Umbrella Rigs/Alabama Rigs are allowed.

2) Only paid team members or tournament officials are permitted in a team’s boat during tournament hours.

3) Any person who has been disqualified or banned from any prior tournament are not allowed to enter.

4) The tournament director may refuse any entry.

5) Entry form (online or handwritten) with complete entry fee must be received before tournament hours begin.

6) All bass weighed in will become the property of the tournament director and will be released back into the tournament waters.7) Minor’s Under the Age of 18: Team Members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult and a signed minor’s release is required and must be signed at registration. No team may consist of two minors (no captain permitted in the boat).

7) Minor’s Under the Age of 18: Team Members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult and a signed minor’s release is required and must be signed at registration.

8) Refunds: No refund of entry fees will be allowed, nor will entry fees be transferred to a future tournament.

9) Alcoholic Beverages: No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by any team member during tournament hours nor are alcoholic beverages allowed in a team’s boat during official tournament hours. Violation of any of the above will result in disqualification of the said team.

10) Boat Requirements: All boats must be equipped with an emergency kill switch. The kill switch must always be attached to the boat operator while the boat is on plane. Kill switch must operate properly. US Coast Guard approved life jackets are required for each person in the boat. Life jackets must be worn and fastened while the boat is on plane. All boats must have a functioning live well that is adequate to keep the tournament limit of fish alive.

11) Trailering is not allowed unless however there is a severe weather threat. If trailering is allowed it will be announced the day before by 5pm. No fishing until Official Start Time. Official Start & Official Stop times will be determined based on AT&T cell phone service.

12) All state, Coast Guard, Federal Parks & Wildlife regulations shall always apply.

13) Dead Fish Penalty: Any dead bass weighed in will result in a deduction of one (1) pound per dead fish applied to their daily weight. Any fish that has been on ice will not be allowed to be weighed in.

14) Big Bass must be alive to be eligible for Big Bass Award.

15) Minimum Length: Minimum length of bass to be weighed in is fourteen (14) inches. Official measuring board is the CHECK-IT-STIK. Only Largemouth and Kentucky Spotted Bass will be weighed in.

16) Bass presented for weigh-in, which fails to measure the prescribed length limit, will result in loss of that particular fish and a one pound penalty to the weight of the remaining fish, including any weight to be counted towards Big Bass Award.

17) 5 Fish Tournament – No team may have more than five (5) fish in their possession at any time during official tournament hours, except during the culling process whereas six (6) fish are allowed. Anglers cannot resume fishing until culling has been completed and team possesses only five (5) fish.

18) Polygraph Exam: Each team member, by signing the entry form, agrees to submit to a polygraph test and accept the result of said polygraph exam should a test be given. Should a team member fail to pass a polygraph exam, the team will be disqualified. If alcohol or mind altering drugs are consumed prior to a team’s polygraph exam, said team will forfeit all winnings for the tournament.

19) Protests: Any protest must be submitted to the tournament director in writing within fifteen minutes of the closing of the scales.

20) Weigh In Time: Any team wishing to weigh fish must be in the weigh-in line 30 minutes prior to stated weigh-in time based on boat number. Any team not in weigh-in line by their designated weigh-in time will be assessed a one (1) pound penalty per minute from their total weight including any weight towards Big Bass Award. Any contestant more than fifteen (15) minutes late will forfeit that day’s stringer. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, a team may return to the weigh-in location with their stringer by receiving a ride from another registered competing team or tournament official ONLY.

21)Culling of dead fish is NOT PERMITTED.

22) There is no off-limits period prior to the tournament.

23) No trolling with the main outboard motor. Contestants may use only one rod at any one time.

24) All decisions of the tournament director are final.
Violation of any of the aforementioned rules (with exception to rule #13, #15 and #19) will result in an automatic surrender of a team’s catch for the day and may result in disqualification from the tournament.

Good Luck and Good Fishing!