Closeout Spinnerbaits





Here is your chance to get some of the last run of your special spinnerbaits. These spinnerbaits are brand new. These items are limited. Don’t miss your chance to save some money.

*Icon Spinnerbaits with the tapered tuneable titanium wire

*Wedge Plus Spinnerbaits Version 1 with the scaled head

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Icon 1/4oz 803 Double Willow, Icon 1/4oz 807 Double Willow, Icon 1/4oz 360 Double Willow, Icon 1/4oz 375 Double Willow, Icon 1/4oz 815 Double Willow, Icon 1/4oz 818 Double Willow, Wedge Plus 1/8oz 353 Double Willow, Version 1 Wedge Plus 3/8oz 122 Willow, Version 1 Wedge Accent 1/2oz 208 Double Willow, Version 1 Wedge Accent 1/2oz 224 Double Willow


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