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The Stanley Flip Max Jig

The Flip Max Jig has a new hand cut rubber skirt that Stanley refers to as a crawler skirt. While submerged, the specially-cut thick rubber strands resemble crawfish legs. When pulled through the water they flare out realistically imitating a swimming crawfish. The flat, wide rubber legs displace more water causing a greater commotion and vibration that bass can’t resist!

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3/8 oz, 3/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, Kit

Color Options

Watermelon Red Chartreuse Flash, Black Brown Amber, Black-Blue w/ Blue Flash, Black-Blue w/ Purple Flash, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse w/ Orange Flash, Watermelon Blue w/ Blue Flash, Watermelon Fire w/ Chartreuse Flash, Watermelon Black Fire w/ Chartreuse Flash, Pumpkin Blue Fire w/ Blue Flash, Pumpkin Black Fire w/ Orange Flash, Flip Max Jig Kit


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