The Stanley Hale Raiser




The all new Stanley Hale Raiser shakes, rattles and rolls like no other lure on the market today.  Imagine having a bait that flashes like a spinnerbait and has the vibration of a crank-bait with unbelievable, undulating movement.

What makes it so versatile is that you can remove the blade from the jig head at the split ring, then the Hale Raiser will penetrate the heaviest cover as a jig and not get hung up because of its unique Wedgehead design. When used with a good paddle tail trailer, it rocks and rolls.

When it comes to design, we use a better blade, better jig design, better line tie, and hand-tied skirts.

Bottom line … We build better baits.

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Black-Blue FireTip, Sprayed Grass, Silver Belly Blue Gill, Crawfish Magic, Olive Craw, Purple Perch, Rainbow Bream, Goggle Eye, Black Crappie, Watermelon Sunfish, Classic Shiner, River Chub, Natural Shiner, Mountain Shiner, Blue Mirage, Golden Bream II, Satin White, White/Chartreuse


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