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Stanley Jigs® SwimMax™ Jig is ideal for fishing grass and all heavy cover. SwimMax Jigs use a steady retrieve-or-twitch action at slow-to-medium speed. The SwimMax patented Wedgehead design won’t roll. It’s like adding 4-wheel drive for fishing a jig in heavy cover. Add lift by using a trailer—great for shallow water fishing!

  • Great for grass and all heavy cover
  • Patented Wedgehead design
  • Great for shallow water fishing

Shipping Note, SwimMax Jigs:

If you request an earlier ship date other than our Standard USPS (3-5 days), please contact Patricia or call us at 936.876.5713

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1/2 oz, 3/8 oz

Color Options

Black-Blue Firetip, Sprayed Grass, Sunshine Bream, Chartreuse Craw, Silver Belly Blue Gill, Crawfish Magic, Cajun Craw, Olive Craw, Rainbow Bream, Goggle Eye, Black Crappie, Watermelon Sunfish, Smokey Joe, Classic Shiner, River Chub, Ghost Minnow, Green Hornet, Neon Chartreuse, Natural Shiner, Mountain Shiner, Blue Mirage, Tilapia, Crystal Sun Perch, Spotted Sunfish, Golden Bream II, Satin White, Chartreuse/White, 431 Blue Bayou


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